I cannot prepare you for change. But I don’t need to. You are well versed in change. Changes have been happening to you since birth. You’ve made it through the collosal changes of your teen years (and if you haven’t – you are in for quite time!), you’ve probably moved homes a couple times, began and ended relationships, and swtiched jobs/roles/industries enough that it would have convinced your relatives in earlier decades that you had become a grifter. You are an expert.

Consider this your change master certification. Print it and hang it up on your wall. Stuff has happened to you, around you, and because of you – and you made it through. Even though you are a pro, you still probably have to figure out how to cope with the stress and uncertainty that accompanies change. I’m going to remind you of the things that you already know. Hopefully this will help you feel the calm that only a seasoned, certified expert such as yourself would feel:

1. You have a great survival rate so far. If you are reading this – 100%.

2. For every person suggesting you won’t succeed in something new, there are probably a handful or more of people that can tell you how well you’ve done things in the past (and that’s a pretty good indicator that you can do things well in the future).

3. If something has not worked for you in the past, you’ve adjusted and found something that would work … or you’ve known when to walk away.

4. When you care about what you are doing, you don’t accept excuses – just results. It’s made you a great person to work with, for, and around. It also has made you resilient which is an excellent trait for someone navigating changing seas.

5. Pain lessens over time. Professional change can be felt just as keenly as pain you experience in your personal life. Time helps heal both too.

6. You have people in your corner. Look at all of the people you are connected with on here. Having a network means the world. Keep these folks close and keep them in-the-know. You really never know who can help you over the next hurdle (or more importantly, who YOU can help).

7. Breathe.


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