Job Search Quick Guide: Referrals

Here’s a quick 4 resources to help you take the next step in getting referrals; asking for informational interviews.

Finding recruiters on LinkedIn is a good place to start (heck, you’re already here). You don’t always have to connect with recruiters though, you can 1. connect directly to any employee at a company – ask them to speak to you about their experience working there 2. build a rapport and 3. ask for a referral.

I have to share with you THE best blog about this type of networking. It was written by Ramit Sethi. Go read his in-depth blog about natural networking – which includes great scripts to help you reach out to people. If you are at all averse to networking but see the value in it – reading his blog is the best place to start.

If you aren’t convinced that you need to start networking to get referrals – let me share one statistic. Referrals are still a top source of hires according to the 2014 Source of Hire report by Career Crossroads.

Need a visual guide to networking your way into a job? check out this infographic created by Heather Krasna.


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