5 Job Seeking Activities for When You Aren’t Feeling It

There’s going to be days where you are ON.  You are ready to make connections and put yourself out there – even if you are nervous.

And then there’s those off days.  You gave it all the rest of the week, you had a setback that bummed you out, or something just isn’t working.  You need a plan to keep momentum going even when you aren’t going.  Here’s some ideas:

  1. Source.  Look up jobs to apply to tomorrow (or even all next week).  I am a fan of sourcing separately from applying – it is more efficient.  The only thing required when you’re sourcing is to answer “yes”or “no” when searching through job descriptions. You can throw the yes’s into a google doc or just email them to yourself with the day you plan to apply to them in the subject or body of the email. If you have a low energy start the next day, you’ll appreciate having what you need to do already laid out for you
  2. Read.  Read trade publications, a leadership book, or sift through some good business articles that relate to what you do.  Make an effort to develop yourself professionally.
  3. Share resources.  Found a blog, tweet, book, or job that you think somebody else should know about?  Nothing gets my energy up like giving somebody else a boost.  Try it.  Givers gain.
  4. Organize.  Create a spreadsheet to help keep track of what you’ve done or what you plan on doing this week.  Not a spreadsheet fan?  Consider putting it all in a calendar (either paper or digital).  It’s such a lifesaver to keep track of what you are doing.  You get a realistic picture of your efforts, you have a record to refer to when you get contacted for interviews (what was that job anyway?), and you’ll get more done with a plan.  Schedule it, do it. Repeat.
  5. Thank someone.  Go to your stack of thank you cards (note – good idea to have them because folks are always doing something worth thanks) and start writing.  Whether it’s someone who’s helping you with your job search, someone who needs praise for work above and beyond the call of duty, or a kind note to a friend – gratitude will charge you up.  There’s not a person on the planet that doesn’t appreciate your sincere expression of thanks.

Bonus Idea #6 – write your own list of things you like to do when your energy is low and keep it as a guide for you when a slump hits.  On a rainy day, I’m always grateful to find I’ve left myself a to do list.


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